Mes deux filles

Mes deux filles

Mélody et Coralie, otages de la justice depuis 7 ans

My two daughters

Melody and Coralie, hostages of Justice for 7 years
April 21, 2006 – April 21, 2013

Melody and Coralie, 6 years have passed since we’ve seen each other for the last time, I know that you remember everything and also your grandpa, who’s suffering from Parkinson’s disease, and he misses you too, you are victims of brainwashing and alienation since then, but be sure of one thing: I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU and I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU AGAIN ONE DAY. Stay strong and make yourselves respected for you have rights!

Dear readers,

For those of you who have already read this case file, please scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page to discover what happened in 2012.

Two months has passed since the release of my guide, of which 11,000 copies have already been sold at that time, when I lost custody of my two beloved daughters, on April 21 2006! After multiple hearings and a flock of lawyers, I was only allowed to see my two daughters for 1 hour 45 minutes on August 1st 2006… This meeting was under surveillance and it was concluded by a brutal departure of my daughters from the room with violence against Melody from a female social worker who pulled her by force through the hallway! After this day, due to a dishonest report regarding this meeting, I’ve been unable to see my two daughters again!

Here are photos taken during this unique meeting with my daughters:


And stills taken from a video I dared to film that day!

On December 25 2012, unless a miracle happens in the meantime, I will spend my sixth Christmas separated from my two daughters, whom I haven’t seen again since August 1st 2006! They are now aged 14 and 17 1/2, and here are two fairly recent photos of them. Your comments are welcome!… I will say no more!


Since then, I met hundreds of children during my workshops, always treating them as mine! I had the pleasure to meet extraordinary children and also sometimes sick children because of these awful additives. My guide book helped to save thousands of children, but I infinitely miss my own daughters!

There’s only one thing I wish, more than anything: BEING ABLE TO SEE MELODY AND CORALIE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AND IN GOOD HEALTH, because I love them with all my heart and I think about them everyday! All your ideas are welcome!

You’ll read below how my two daughters have been forced to leave me, with photos before and after…

1: Since I’ve put this case file on my website, I don’t receive false letters anymore, neither real ones for that matter! Cool!
2: On May 9, 2011, I managed to (under certain conditions) talk with Melody for 17 minutes on the occasion of her 16th birthday!
While I had not talked with her for many years! TO BE CONTINUED!
3: I have to bring to your attention that I am still chased for what some journalists dare to call « THE MONTPELLIER MAFIA », corrupted lawyers and judges who are unable to respect laws protecting children and even less able to cancel twisted decisions taken by their colleagues…

Short texts written by my daughters when we were living together in 2005! (PDF format)

Here’s the latest photo of Melody found on FACEBOOK in October 2011, but nothing of Coralie, to whom I haven’t been able to talk or write directly since August 1st 2006… I am hopeful I will see my daughters again because my love for them is infinite!

Melody (16 years old)

Here’s a photo of Coralie (13 years old) found in September 2011

Hello all,

While our « dear medias » talk to us continually about journalists who’ve been taken as hostages in countries where it was dangerous to go, the same medias don’t talk about the thousands of CHILDREN TAKEN AS HOSTAGES BY THE JUSTICE SYSTEM FOR DARK NETWORKS ALL OVER THE WORLD!

My two daughters are among them, but they are lucky enough to be sharing this together and to be soon 13 and 16 years old! Others are 3 years old or less and they find themselves defenceless and sometimes in miserable situations!
On this subject, you may read the book by Sandrine PORCHER, “Non assistance à enfants en danger, Plaidons tous coupables” (Failure to assist children in danger, We all plead guilty »)on this website home page if you feel like it.


Please have a good reading and most of all, GOOD HEALTH TO YOU!

Corinne GOUGET, mother deprived of custody of her two daughters for having unveiled some truths!

Many of you have asked me how they’ve been able to take my daughters from me on April 21 2006, and since then, some of you have helped and supported me the best they could. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, but the struggle to get my two precious daughters back is not over yet, or at least not for the moment.
So here’s a file to help you understand the facts of this painful case. I’m sorry but the tissues (if needed) are not provided with the texts and the photos.

End of March, 2006: For two years, my daughters and I were enjoying a life of love, respect, joy, freedom and beautiful relationships with other people while eating ORGANIC.
The most important for us was to live away from fear, violence, petting of my daughters, paranoia, hits and screams from my ex-husband who made us live the typical hell of a narcissistic pervert and brilliant manipulator (which only those who lived it can imagine). But to know more about it, you’ll have to wait for one of my next books. In the meantime, I wish to make you read an excerpt from our story below.

Here are photos of this period (2004-2006) when we had regained our smile and the zest for LIFE!
Slide show (2004-2006)
Slide show Christmas 2005
Photos of some Christmases since then

August 10 2005 was a Saturday, Melody knew it was the day of her father’s 40th birthday and at the end of the afternoon, she drew a card for her father while I was busy for a long time cooking, and she arrived in the kitchen with a large smile, as if relieved, and she handed me the card reproduced below. She said to me: “Mum, look at what I drew for Dad, don’t send it to him, but show my drawing to the lawyer!” I was shocked by her drawing, but it was not the first one of that kind! Here are the two drawings, we had sent the first one as a postal card to its addressee! Melody from her early age has always had a talent for drawing!
Drawing from April 7 2004 (PDF format)
Drawing from August 10 2005 (PDF format)

Therefore, on April 21, 2006, two months after my guide book “ADDITIFS ALIMENTAIRES” (FOOD ADDITIVES) was published and had already sold 11,000 copies to my great surprise, my two daughters and myself were called before a she judge of a juvenile court following a 18 months investigation from Social services (also nicknamed « sévices sociaux » in French “social abuse” –or « SS »), of which I had not been able to read the last reports because the female lawyer of my daughters was always absent, coincidentally!

Given that on three occurrences this judge of this “New Courthouse” had taken a certain pleasure traumatizing my daughters during hearings without a court clerk, I had agreed with my daughters lawyer that they would stay at school since we had to discuss the SS” reports and that, according to her, their father was supposed to be under judicial review overseas since he was prosecuted for sexual assaults, violence and threats on his own daughters.

Everything is organized for the day, and at breakfast, Melody cries and requests not to see the judge because “she’s too nasty”; I try to reassure her by explaining to her that I was supposed to go, that I would go back and get them at school at the end of the afternoon, and at noon a friend of mine, a lady, would come and get them to lunch at home and bring them back to school.
So at noon, while I was at another appointment, my daughters have eaten (ORGANIC) at home (and I didn’t know it was to be for the last time), and my friend brought them back to the private school, although Melody and Coralie on that day didn’t want to go back to school (the written attestation by my friend has been totally ignored by the judges! If only I’d known!)

The day our happiness flew away, at 2h15 PM, I went to the court, and in the juvenile court’s waiting room, a brown-haired woman was waiting on a bench, I didn’t recognize her at once, but she threw a piercing “HELLO madam GOUGET!” at me. Surprised, I looked at her and asked her if we knew each other, and as nervously she answered me: “Of course! I am the specialized educator who visited you at your place, don’t you remember?” It’s true that I had not seen her again for 6 months and not at all in the same context. So, to snub her, I told her as curtly:
- “Oh yes! I’m sorry but you know, I meet a lot of people these days and I can only remember important persons!”

I got no answer from her for at that moment, behind me, her blond colleague was arriving with a trainee! She asked me if I had a problem with that if the trainee was present at the hearing, and I accepted!
The trainee was carrying a strange large brand new blue sports bag that looked heavy. She asked the reception employees to keep her bag because, she said, “After the hearing I’m going on vacation”! I found it strange, because if she was really going on vacation, she could have left her bag in the car! A few minutes later, the same female social worker asked me where were my daughters; to taunt me, she was chewing gum of a very green colour, making lots of noise, and I said nothing because that was her neurons that were going to explode for hours, not mine…

Then, the female lawyer asked with a shy voice: “But your Lordship, the girls have a good social life, we could wait for the end of school year and place them in a foster family in the meantime”
What? I was totally confused! Even the lawyer thought I was crazy! This morning I was having breakfast at home with my two daughters, and now they were talking about foster family and forced placement to their father’s!
What’s this backwards justice? I wondered if I was having a nightmare! This was not possible!

Like three watchdogs ready to jump, the “SSs” were waiting for the order to leave the room to go get my daughters! What didn’t take long! Then, the judge asked me to leave her office and to come back at 5 PM with the lawyer!! I was shocked!

Once outside, I asked the lawyer to come back at the given time with the video cassette and all the attestations from my friends and scientists who support me! She looked panicked and asked me where I was going! I answered her that I was going to call my friends because we could not let this happen, while the lawyer was repeating continuously that we couldn’t do anything, because the judge has already taken her decision – I was “dreaming” awake!
I ran 500 meters away to an ORGANIC restaurant run by a friend who really had a hard time understanding what was happening to me! She lent me her phone, I called two or three friends, crying and talking loud with the pain that was getting hold of me!
One of my female friend said she was coming to meet me. Another one recommended me to call her lawyer who is “brilliant”, but located at the other end of France, to ask his advice!! Which I did, to hear him tell me:
- “Madam GOUGET, I am too far away to be able to help you, but I can give you only one advice: REMAIN CALM, because the judge is waiting for only one thing, is that you fall apart, to be able to lock you up in the court’s mousetrap and to get you interned on Monday”!
WHAT? They were taking away my reason to live from me, MY TWO DAUGHTERS, and I should remain calm? But how should I manage to do that?

I went back to the court of “justice” in tears, doing all I could to stay calm; it was Friday, the day before school holidays, we had organized a trip to Paris the three together, going through the Alps, but I felt everything was falling down, how was it possible to explain that to my daughters?

Once I went back in this damned waiting room (the depths of Hell), Melody and Coralie were there with the three “SSs”. I will never forget the beauty of their faces! Melody was holding a beautiful drawing of her dream house and she told me: “Mummy, look at the beautiful drawing I made at school”… I asked my daughters to sit down beside me and to cross their arms… So then I was sitting between them, in front of the blond “SS” still chewing her gum while going nervously round and round in circles! So she knew she was participating in a children kidnapping and putting them in DANGER!

Suddenly, Melody told me naively: “Mum, I hope we’ll be on time to watch “UN, DOS, TRES”, my favourite TV program!” BOOM! I understood then that the “SSs” didn’t say anything to my daughters! I had no time to answer her, because like the snake in The Jungle Book, the brown-haired “SS” sitting left of Coralie said with a cold and pervert voice:
- “Of course we’ll be on time, it’s only 4h35 PM!”
I will never forget that sentence that still resonates in my head at times!

What to do? Where was my daughters’ lawyer? Why wasn’t she present?
I felt a pressure weighing in the waiting room, like a horrible storm approaching, and I decided to tell the truth to my children in English. I felt I had to act quickly!
So I put my arms around my daughters shoulders, who were surrounding me, and I told them:
- “My dear children, Mum loves you very strongly, but the judge still believes that Mummy is crazy, Dad is here, she talked with him the whole morning and she’s going to force you to go with him tonight, I am sorry”…
I had no time to continue, at this moment my two daughters started to SCREAM while clinging to my body!
One of the “SSs” told them: “Don’t cry, it’s going to be alright, you will talk to the judge”


But we had no time to take a breath, the hysterical judge, her eyes filled with rage, appeared abruptly in the waiting room in front of my two daughters and she ordered: “Here we go!”
I explained to her that she had to wait for their lawyer, and she told me that that lawyer wasn’t my daughter’s (lie!), that I had to take another one and that anyway she was late!
She took my two crying daughters with her and one of the “SSs” who didn’t feel like staying with me asked the judge, with a submissive and pervert voice: “Can we come, we’ll be quiet?”
The judge took my daughters and went along with the three “SSs” in the Hell’s hallway heading to her office. This office overlooked an interior courtyard, I attempted to look in the room’s windows from the courtyard, but a palm tree was preventing me from seeing what was happening inside the office! Behind me, my daughters’ schoolbags and jackets were laying there on the seat, as if abandoned!

And then, all went very fast, even if I wanted to stop time to find a solution! My friend arrived; she had difficulty believing what was happening to me! She had a mobile phone that she lent me. I was turned towards the window to try to see my daughters and I phoned other friends… They were all shocked!
Then we heard footsteps sounding like a dinosaur approaching! In my back, my girlfriend told me:
- “Oh la la! I think your ex-husband is coming, he’s so tall!”
I told her she never saw him, and she reminded me I had talked to her about him!
She asked me, impressed: “You want to see?”
And my answer was: “NO!”

But given the weight of the individual (130 kilos/286 pounds, for 1.92 m, 6.2 ft), we could hear the sound of his footsteps very well, so I turned my head and from the corner of my eye I saw this man I had married in 1993, under a charm, and who since then changed into a monster, physically and mentally, to the point of turning our life into hell for many years! And after two years of respite, he was back in our life to devastate it again, in his imitation “croco” shoes and his ultra clean green suit! With a look full of hatred and rage, his eyes were sending me daggers before he pushed violently the swing door with his flat hand, the same way he hit Melody on the head as early as 4 years old during a meal, without leaving a trace, and me on the face in June 2002 and later on the poor Coralie who has always been his scapegoat!

NO! Not him, not this, for pity’s sake!!!!!!!!!!
I didn’t dare imagine the “forced reunion” in the judge’s gloomy office, “children persecutor” (in French, the word for “office”, “bureau”, sounds like the word for “persecutor”, “bourreau”), without their lawyer to defend them!

It was the end of the afternoon, reception’s secretaries were going home, the same for the policemen positioned at the entrance, the ordinary court of first instance was closing its doors on us, like a gloomy trap! I went to look for a phone book to search for the lawyer’s phone number and phone her – I hate this hallway, this court where so many children lost their innocence, their smile, their zest for life and their faith in “JUSTICE”, though announced in huge golden letters on the building’s frontage! Once back in the waiting room, to my great surprise, my friend and I were not alone anymore in the court! There was a boy aged 4 or 5, chewing gum and wearing big glasses (like many other children, because aspartame destroys their vision five times faster than in adults), her mother was sitting near his lawyer. He seemed nervous, but with his “handsome old man” face he looked at me! Well… It was not the time to talk about chewing gums, I had to try everything to SAVE MY TWO DAUGHTERS, I looked at the young mother and told her: “Life’s hard, hey?”
She asked me what was happening; they seem to be waiting for the same judge!
I explained the situation basically; the lawyer couldn’t believe me and said:
- “Look, madam, with such a criminal case against your ex-husband, it’s impossible, the judge cannot leave your daughters with him!”
I insisted and he continued:
- “Unless he has a lot of money, but, well…”
- “Ok, I asked him, how much for a lawyer?”
- “Oh, for a lawyer, it’s 1,000 to 1,200 Euros, but depending on the amount, she risks losing her job”, did he answered me!
- “Ok, how much for a judge?”, I then asked him.
- “Oh! For a judge, even if it’s also possible in England (thank you, I knew that well already!), in France, you would have to count between 1 and 3 million Euros, but your ex-husband probably don’t have as much money”
I was shocked, but I took a breath and answered him:
- “It’s good, he has two friends who are millionaires!”
I then imagined the scene that morning between the children thief judge and my ex! It was a waking nightmare! This lawyer told me with a sincere look:
- “MY POOR LADY! If you have the chance to go back home with your daughters, leave the house and call me Monday, I am Ms XXX, we will make an appeal and I will defend you”
Her client was also in shock and was continually repeating that he was a good lawyer and that I should take him! Oh, how much I would like to find this mother!

I thanked the lawyer for his advices, I took note of his name and went back to my girl friend who was keeping my daughters schoolbags. I called the lawyer right before 6 PM and she answered me this time, for once! I asked her why she was still at her office when the judge asked her to come back at 5 PM and explained to her that my two daughters have been heard by the judge without a lawyer to defend them! She informed me that the judge had called her in the meantime to ask her to come back at 6 and not at 5 PM!
- “It’s now 5h55 so I’m coming!”, she dared to add!
There’s the TV series “The millionaire”, but now, the one who was maybe going to win millions without going on TV was the judge! Not me!

Five minutes later, in front of my girl friend who also thought she was living a huge delirium, the lawyer arrived all breathless, while her office was at 300 meters from there approximately! She has the file with her and a copy of the video including some scenes filmed by my ex-husband showing my daughters’ genitals, a boy and poops in the toilet bowl, the potty and my daughters’ diapers when they were babies!
The lawyer was sitting beside me, she said that there were at least three expert assessments against me stating that I was crazy, that she was powerless; my friend was standing in front of her, I gave an order to the lawyer to find a way to show these images on the cassette to the judge, and the lawyer seemed to be afraid. My friend asked if she had watched the video and the lawyer answered:
- “Yes, it’s edifying!
Then she asked us suddenly: “For how long has she been working their body?
My friend and I couldn‘t believe our ears! I had enough strength to tell her:
- “At least 45 minutes!”

But we had no time to breathe, the swing door opened brutally and the judge made her appearance, drunk with rage, as if handled remotely, with a diabolic look on her face worthy of the worst horror movie! My friend had only enough time to ask me in a hushed voice:
- “Who’s this!”
And I answered: – “She’s the judge!”
The latter spitted the following sentence, like snake venom:
My friend, shocked, muttered:
- “Me, if necessary, but why?”
The hysterical juvenile judge answered:
While she was saying that (which five years later still haunt me at times), I was looking at her and telling her for myself, staring at her mad look:
- “If you take Melody and Coralie from me, I will take the time I need but I will get you!”

Hopefully, the previous year I had read a psychological book to learn how to deal with such persons and I recommend you to read it, because I’m convinced that without having read this book, I wouldn’t have survived this ordeal!
Toxic People by Lillian Glass

And then, once more: no time to breathe; while my friend was left alone in the waiting room to keep my daughter’s things, I followed the judge in her office with the lawyer at the end of the hallway to live THE WORST MOMENT OF ALL MY LIFE, in spite of the ten years of horror lived earlier with my ex-husband!

No, it’s not a Stephen KING novel, yes it was the true dreary reality! Why me? Why Melody and Coralie who had already suffered so much? Today, almost 1,708 days later, I still ask myself the same question!

In the judge’s office, the atmosphere was rather electrical; eight chairs were forming a semicircle in front of the judge’s desk sitting at her armchair with two sub-machine guns in place of her eyes!
On the far end, at my left, I could see my poor Melody (10, almost 11 years old), her face swollen with tears that was hiding her large blue eyes, one could wonder if she was still breathing; she was looking at her father sitting at her right (motionless like a monstrous statue), and she gave me a desperate look, swinging her head from left to right to mean “no” because she was unable to speak! You know, a little bit like some plastic dog’s head that we sometimes see on car rear windows and move from side to side following the movements of the car! My poor Melody! Disfigured by this situation!
On her father’s right side, his female lawyer, who I had never met before, seemed young with pigtails, and had a look as pervert as her client’s and was as motionless, frozen as if watching a movie of which she had written the scenario! Both of them were just waiting for the movie to end!
Also, there was my lawyer who was trembling like a leaf, being trapped like I was! I sat at her right in a black metal chair with armrests, poor little Coralie (7, soon 8 years old) suddenly threw herself around my neck while screaming with all her strength in English (a language she didn’t want to speak for a certain time):

Still in English, I asked Coralie if she had told everything to the judge, she answered yes, and with her voice broken by her heartbreaking sobbing, she told me:
- “I – want – to see – Vanille (our female dog) – I want – to see my friend Sarah”. Coralie was supposed to spend at Sarah’s with her sister, because I was invited by a national association to take part in a show, right before our trip to Paris! I only had time to tell Coralie in English:
- “I know, you are going to be brave, Mummy will come and get you!”

The monstrous judge, maybe not understanding English and probably having to break me to be able to section me as part of her mission, didn’t allow Coralie to calm down, to the contrary, she was literally screaming:

This sentence stayed etched forever in my mind and I dare hope that my ex-husband’s insanity haven’t destroyed this bond so strong which is called UNCONDITIONAL LOVE between Melody, Coralie and me!

Behind Coralie, the three “SSs” were witnessing the scene like three big guard dogs with malicious looks like the two Siamese cats in “Lady and the Tramp”, you remember?

The judge then had a blast (excuse the expression, but there’s none more suitable) explaining to my daughters that I should be treated and that in the meantime they had to go for one week in vacation with “daddy” in France at friend’s, and that they would come back to see her the next Friday to decide if they were going with him in England, because he had found a house with a room for each, schools and his partner was going to stay at home to take care of them while I was getting treated. She explained that they would see me two hours once every month with the surveillance of social workers because I’m dangerous, this for six months. Afterwards, we would see.

And Melody was continually saying no with her head while Coralie couldn’t stop sobbing… My lawyer was livid, she didn’t say a word, so I decided to speak (sorry dear readers for what follows, it’s nothing but the truth!):

- “Your Lordship, explain this to me, if I am crazy because I give organic food to my daughters, tell me why the individual who’s sitting there, who have hit Melody on the head at 4 years old, who licked Coralie between her legs in January 2002, and who hit and pushed her in the staircase in August 2003, he, isn’t crazy?”

Infuriated, the daughters’ judge screamed: “I DON’T WANT TO KNOW”

I looked with insistence at the lawyer who had the video cassette on her knees, she then said with a weak voice:
- “I have with me, your Lordship, a video cassette which…”
The judge interrupted her short with a: “I DON’T WANT TO KNOW EITHER”

Coralie then said she had a stomach ache, one of the “SSs” (the brown-haired one) dared to tell her:
- “It’s normal, it’s because of the emotion”
Poor Coralie then added: “Mom, I feel I’m going to vomit!”
And at that moment, with all the calm in the world, I said to Coralie:
- “Go on my darling, vomit on the judge’s desk!”

The latter was overwhelmed, I wasn’t crying, I didn’t try to kill her, I was not falling apart like hundreds of other persons must have done in front of her, so she said:
- “That’s enough Mrs GOUGET! Melody, get up and say goodbye to your mom!”
Melody, Like a drifting wreck, came to me to put her arms around my neck, saying clearly:
And the judge wrote down: “I don’t want”
And it was Coralie’s turn to kiss me for the last time in a long time, this little girl who wanted to be kissed all the time, even during meals!
The judge ordered me to leave her office, and as Melody couldn’t speak anymore, Coralie made the “justice”court hallway’s walls tremble with a scream that stays engraved in my heart forever:

Melody and Coralie probably left the court using the back door so that I couldn’t see them!
In a few seconds, I found myself in the waiting room with my friend and this so-called “expert in children’s rights” moronic lawyer. The three “SSs” quickly came to take the schoolbags (the blue bag has disappeared in the meantime), and I had just enough time to tell them: “You are happy now?”

Then, my friend, who knew Melody and Coralie very well, asked the lawyer:
- “Master, have you let this happen, really!?”
She answered:
- “Oh! You know, maybe he hit them in the past, but now he has a sword of Damocles hanging over his head!” (Impossible, the same sentence I heard being pronounced by the first lawyer in November 2002 in England, following his sexual assaults on our daughters in January 2002, my ex-husband had just won a hearing to be able to see his daughters alone again progressively, with big amounts of money, making me look like a loony and a liar! How did this lawyer could pronounce the same sentence without having had it blown to her? So she was part of this deal too!)

I was shocked, I couldn’t say a word, and my friend went on:
- “As long as there are no physical marks, we can’t do anything?”
The lawyer said:
- “Yes the hymens aren’t broken”
My friend retorted:
- “Are you waiting for them to be?”
And like a hammer blow, the lawyer answered:
- “Well, yes!” (1)

There, at this precise moment, if my girl friend wouldn’t have been with me to hear what we were just hearing, I guarantee you I would have been able to transform this lawyer into mincemeat! One less lawyer off the 800 lawyers in this court!

Then, nonchalant, the lawyer said she couldn’t stay any longer because she had another appointment, at such a late hour, I really wonder with whom! My friend asked her if I could go on appeal, if I could ask for new expert assessments and from what age a child can decide of him/herself… To our great surprise, the lawyer said that from the age of 10, children testimonies were taken into account! We told them almost in chorus that Melody was ten and a half! But she answered that her age was limit.

Now away from the judge’s sight, I broke in tears, and the lawyer asked my friend:
- “I don’t understand why she’s crying!”
My friend couldn’t bear it anymore either! I took back my video cassette from the lawyer’s hands and told her that I knew whom I would show it to, and she went away as fast as possible, her long curly hair flying in the night.

Like my mother’s heart, my life has been broken in half a day!

In my friend’s car who was driving me home, I screamed, I cried, I was letting out my pain that was only beginning! The friend who took care of Melody and Coralie that noon joined us at my place to discuss.
It was then obvious for me that I absolutely had to sleep as much as possible each night, continue to eat ORGANIC (no need of additives to render me depressive) and hire a new lawyer as soon as Monday to bring back my two daughters the next Friday!

I had the strength to reorganize my life in less than 24 hours, to take part of the show where I was invited and to hire a new lawyer the following Monday in a way worthy of an action movie!

(That’s when a journalist knowing this world well and my daughters’ lawyer very well informed me that this lawyer was a partner swapper and had paedophile tendency! I went close to fall unconscious! … The worst in this story is that in 2010, I learned that all lawyers in the city knew she was raped when she was a child and that’s why she’s a juvenile lawyer but doesn’t want to have children! And now, her answer “Well, yes!” (1) was echoing in my head! A real nightmare!)

But the following Friday, the hearing was cancelled and one of the “SSd” simply decided that the girls were getting better and that they could go to London with their father! By the way, how much does it cost for a social worker?
If someone has the answer, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

By the end of May 2007, confronted with so many injustices, along with two other mothers whose children have also been placed abusively, we organized a hunger strike in front of this court’s gates! In fact, we were doing a fast supervised by a friend, because we didn’t want to endanger our live! We have mediatised our action that lasted for 21 days, and we were sleeping in tents in front of the court’s gates! Dozens of persons went to see us and congratulate us and share with us their stories also related to the same judges! We were supported by two associations!

One of these persons who came to see us many times had also written a poem, here it is
Poem (PDF format)

And here are a few photos of this hunger strike which has been an extraordinary experience! In spite of all this, the judges didn’t do anything and one journalist from a private television channel was encouraged by her boss to « forget » all she had filmed, otherwise she would lose her job! A real mafia is ruling this city too!

As you know it, 1,078 days later, on December 25, 2010, I am spending my fifth Christmas away from Melody and Coralie, but I hope close to heart!
Everything that happened in the meantime will be the subject of another best-seller, but I can tell you that at the beginning of May 2009, after dozens of false letters received from “my daughters” and dictated by my pervert ex-husband, “so cherished” 18 years earlier, I had the joy to find Melody thanks to FACEBOOK, even if some people don’t like (with reason) this kind of media on the Web!

So here you find below some of the false letters (PDF format)
Christmas list 2005
Two false letters received in Paris in May 2008!
False letter from Coralie 09/16/2008, she didn’t know I was in Paris!
False cards from 12/22/2008
False letter from October 11 2009
False letter from Melody in January 2010
False letter from Coralie from December 21 2010

And here are some excerpts from real emails exchanged with Melody in May 2010!

But as I feared it, in spite of what Melody said, her father discovered all our messages, since his lawyer had them among her exhibits during a hearing in January 2010! And poor Melody never succeeded in sending me her real letter she had prepared so I could see her real handwriting!
So, certainly to “submit her”, her father in July 2009 pushed Melody (of French nationality) to take part in a first military camp, in the British Air Force! Also, yes, I had forgotten that my ex-husband wasn’t only obsessed with sex and money, but also with war, weapons and planes! Except that (for unknown reasons), he never did his military service! Only a stay in a French military college, probably at the same age as Melody!
We talk about child soldiers in Africa, but here are photos of child soldiers in England, something never seen in France, our “beautiful” country!
Melody sometimes seems to have fun with her friends in this kind of military camp, but she’s far from imagining what’s hiding behind all this! I hope one day she’ll understand and that she will be able to recover from this long calvary against which one more prosecutor and another judge DIDN’T WANT TO DO ANYTHING these last months! NOTHING AT ALL!

WHY, I will discover it one day because I need to understand!

Read more in 2011!

Army photos

You have already seen the photos for 2004-2006, here are two more series, since then, partly taken by Melody or other persons and also retrieved on FACEBOOK thanks to Melody. FACEBOOK allowed a boy to find his mother a few months ago after years of separation!

Melody since then
Coralie since then

And their father who still eats as badly, but since we are what we eat, the photos speak for themselves!

And finally, here is the Sandrine PORCHER’s book containing the summary of 14 similar stories, sometimes worst, among which mine with changed names… The title is “Non assistance à enfants en danger, plaidons tous coupables” (Failure to assist children in danger, We all plead guilty), but personally I would have chosen this title: “SHAME TO FRANCE” (and its children martyrs)
If you buy this book, a great percentage of the benefits will serve to help me pay the lawyer’s fees. You only need to write on the back of your cheque “operation Melody and Coralie”!

Thanks to you all and promise me to never contact the “SSs” or any lawyer other than those that are edible (in French, the word for “lawyer” and for “avocado” is the same), because the latter don’t harm your nervous system neither your wallet, on the contrary!

Here you can see me with my best friend (PDF format) at the exit of the Montpellier’s court of appeal… one of the more unjust places in France! If only those columns could really fall down… Too many persons subject to trial have been through hell in the bowels of this building! How many have survived? …

End of September, 2011, and I still haven’t seen my daughters again because of the scheming between lawyers and certain “details” pertaining to the decisions! As a result, I am condemned to pay my daughters’ father for damages (500 + 2,000 Euros) and 120 Euros for hearing costs, because I am convicted for child abduction between 2004 and 2006! Once more a lot of nonsense! Following the decision sent in a simple letter, I had called the court clerk to ask her a question and she suddenly said: “Ah, so you’re the lady exposing aspartame on her website, that’s a sensitive file, isn’t it?”… No comment!

On May 9 2012, finding myself in England for a film production and being unable to bear the tricky hearings, I went to the house where Melody and Coralie lived, because it was the day of Melody 17th birthday! We were 4 adults and we hoped to be able to discuss with my daughters’ genitor in order to see them and give them gifts. But informed of our presence by his partner and Coralie with whom a friend talked for two seconds, the individual arrived in his 4×4 BMW in a state of intense rage and since we hoped to talk with him because he’s supposed to be an “expert in negotiation” and that’s his occupation, he advised us from his vehicle “I don’t think you want to talk to me, you are going to talk to the police who’ll be here in two minutes”!

Melody and Coralie were in the house with the genitor’s woman companion and it was raining! The 4X4 was parked in front of the garage with its owner on board who was talking continually over his phone in total rage. Under the effect of stress his face was swollen and his eyes were coming out of his head! It was impossible to start a discussion! So we sang “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” to Melody whom we had catched a brief glimpse of behind a window with her sister and her babysitter who seemed as furious as “our” negotiator!

While we were taken photos and a friend was filming the scene to have a proof of the individual’s refusal to have a dialogue with us, the latter suddenly got out of his 4×4 and slipped by himself, falling “flat on his back” in the mud with his nice suit! We were all collapsed with laughter and we didn’t have the time to take a photo; once on his feet, the individual changed into an enraged bull and went kicking violently in the belly the friend who was filming and shouting death treats to a 25 years old friend who was taking photos with her phone! While he was trying to make her fall down, she was holding his necktie and he screamed “you don’t have the right to photograph me, I’m going to kill you!”, a violent punch landed on the victim’s left ear who, to avoid a second blow, had the bright idea to say “You made a big mistake, chap, ’cause I’m a lawyer”! This sentence may have saved her life, because the aggressor became livid and quickly returned to his car!

At that moment three policemen arrived, and they noticed the bruises (fortunately not severe) and the individual was arrested by the police, which he himself had called to arrest us! But even after six hours in custody for the aggressor and questions by the police, the latter wasn’t allowed to investigate his incestuous habits, and once he admitted aggressing the victims, he was free to go home at around 10h30 PM. The following day, even though they had promised to escort me to visit Melody and Coralie for 5 minutes at around 4 PM, it was all cancelled! You cannot even imagine the pain I felt! Fortunately, my friends were there to support me!


Update on this horror story worthy of Stephen KING:

It’s at the end of 2012 that a Parisian court clerk started to send me a nice collection of letters (sometimes containing threats) to claim more than 9,000 Euros for his “client”, my daughters’ genitor! One thing leading to another, the little money that I had left has been blocked and seized just before the Holidays! “Merry Christmas”!

Someone told me that this decision wasn’t “summoned” and that I should seize the enforcement judge! But after having discussed it with multiple lawyers, I learned that in criminal matter it’s different than for civil law, decisions are given orally and they don’t need to be summoned… They explained that by seizing the enforcement judge, I was risking losing even more money in attorney and other fees and that in the end I would still have to pay the 9,000 Euros for damages to my two daughters’ genitor, since I have been recognized guilty of child abduction between 2004 and 2006 (while I was protecting my daughters from a violent and incestuous father who they didn’t want to see again at that time).

End of 2012, a court clerk visited my publisher twice to seize this little fortune by the end of March 2013, before I was even able to receive my royalties! Consequently, the profits for my guide against junk food have enriched an individual who became an aspartame addict as soon as 1993!

Needless to say that to be forced to pay such an amount to this narcissistic pervert made me feel nauseous, given that in 2006 he announced to a social worker who was investigating at his home that he was earning 100,000 £ annually! While he is living the high life, his only idea is to ruin me since he succeeded in being disculpated at the end of May 2006 for “sexual assaults, violence and threats” in spite of all the proofs in photos and videos of certain of his obsessions with children genitals!

So we are confronted with a predator of the type depicted in these videos, the problem is that Melody and Coralie have lived and still live under the same roof as him for 7 years:

Here’s the video of one of my interviews put online at the beginning of April 2013 in which I explain why and how I lost custody of my two beloved daughters! In one week 16,000 persons watched this video!
Thank you for helping me if you can, so that my new lawyer can allow Melody and Coralie to know the TRUTH and see me again!

I will skip the details regarding my pain of being unable to communicate with my two daughters without any decision from the “justice” to prevent me from itsince I know that my daughters’ genitor and his lawyer visit this page regularly, I do not wish to give them more “pleasure”!

To be continued in the next episode!

Corinne GOUGET, mother separated from his two daughters on the grounds that she fed them with healthy food and whose “passion for food additives has bled onto her private life”, according to one of the “psy experts” appointed by the judge in 2005!

So here’s the next episode of this true story that looks like a detective story or a horror movie!

Thanks to those of you who had good thoughts for my daughters and me on this Thursday May 9, 2013, the day of Melody’s 18th birthday.

This day had started out so well, with sunshine and advices from some people in LONDON!
It’s with a lot of hope and a new approach that we went to see my lawyer, an expert psychiatrist well-known and also a girl friend in the city where Melody and Coralie live!

We went to the college since at 18 years old, Melody is allowed to meet me at last!

A secretary told us she was in class and that we couldn’t disturb her even for five minutes! She knew very well that Melody was celebrating her 18th birthday that day and who I was! But we didn’t find out who she was!

We insisted and finally we’ve been told that the school director and the form teacher were also in class and after verification, Melody was in study period at home for 4 weeks and she didn’t have class everyday!

Mrs the school director and the form teacher suddenly arrived, it seemed to us they were embarrassed and lying! They must have called the genitor of my two daughters and we thought they may have been both in class!

We went to the house but nobody was there, I had brought flowers and a card! There was only a can of DIET COKE in the lawn in front of the house! (they drink it everyday in family)

Diet Coke

And we went to Melody’s job place, but she wasn’t there!

Then we went to the police (where I’ve been many times since October 2006, but with no positive result because the file is blocked)!

We had recent and worrying messages from my two daughters! The psychiatrist thought we would have good results, but when the policeman informed us that he was going to contact “the child welfare special team”, I had doubts, because that’s the exact team blocking the investigations since October 2006!

One hour later, they informed us that these messages were NOTHING else than teenager phrasing and that I had to go before a judge in England to be able to see Coralie and that Melody was allowed to contact me if she wanted to, since she was 18 years old that day! She could also come to see them at the police office if she wanted! As if after 7 years of threats and brainwashing Melody was going to have the courage to go see the police who is PROTECTING her genitor!

We got comments from two policewomen and from the policeman like: “- Ah, but you know, all young people in England drink alcohol, that’s normal” – “Ah, Coralie had suicidal ideas but she’s still alive, so everything is alright” – “She wants to leave home, but all teenagers are revolted against their parents, that’s nothing!”, “We have already investigated about the photos of year 2000 that you have, it’s old and we don’t investigate again on that”…

The policeman (who seemed to be very uncomfortable) didn’t want to give us a written trace of our discussion, but because we insisted he wrote down manually a document on a notebook page to confirm that they won’t do anything!

When I asked him who would be GUILTY if something serious happened to my two daughters, he simply said: “So that would be a new crime and we could investigate!”

My lawyer and the psychiatric expert had NEVER seen that in their whole respective career!!

We returned to the house where my two daughters have been retained for 7 years: still empty.

So we have left the flowers and the card to their nice and sympathetic neighbours! A little girl who knows my daughters well promised to give the beautiful bunch of flowers and the card to Melody in person and her grandfather found nothing logical in the situation my two daughters were in! My daughters’ neighbours have also been advised of their imposing neighbour’s (192 cm/75.6 in and more than 100 kilos/220.46 lb for sure) risky behaviour, because they too have CHILDREN!

We had to go back to LONDON. But my lawyer hasn’t say his last word, on the contrary he his more motivated than ever to make things go further in this case!

I don’t know what more to tell you, neither do I know what’s hidden behind all this exactly! I know that money can’t buy happiness or love!

I came back to France the following day, and I have had the chance to meet with nice people! The good news is that I don’t need to go back to this island of pirates and children thieve! Above all, don’t go there to live with your family!

My lawyer will undergo other procedures, hoping that they will SAVE Melody and Coralie!

I can’t say anything more because I know my daughters’ genitor’s lawyer visits this case file and I hope she will dare sending me more threats through mail! It seems that Coralie has also retrieved photos of herself at 6 years old from this case file, so I hope she didn’t forget our two years of HAPPINESS between 2004 and 2006 and that she and her sister keep HOPE!

Here’s Melody (11 years old), happy to see me again after 102 days of being apart on 08/01/06 during a “broadcasted” visit… We have been prevented to see each other since then because of a dishonest report from the SSs!

Thank you a thousand times for your supportive messages, your good thoughts and the generosity or those who sent me donations!

So, to be continued!

Good health, joy, peace and love to you all!

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